“Have courage and be kind.”

Join us at our end-of-the-year Recital & Production
“The Glass Slipper”

Saturday, June 8, 2019
10:30am - Children’s Recital (dancers ages 3-6)
3:00pm - “The Glass Slipper” Production (dancers 7+)
Huff Concert Hall (formerly known as Reeves Auditorium), Methodist University

$10 in advance online
(+ convenience fee)
$12 on recital day
(cash or add’l convenience fee with card)
Children ages 0-5 and all AODA students are FREE!
Tickets are good for both shows!
Seating begins 30min prior to each show

Eventbrite - The Glass Slipper - Dance Recital & Production

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Special pre-order price of $30 runs until May 31. After that, price goes up to $35. Sales end day after recital, June 9. DVD includes both 10:30am and 3:00pm productions. Click below for more info and to pre order!


Children's Morning Recital - 10:30am
(Featuring dancers ages 3-6)

The morning recital presents AODA's children classes who will be performing a ballet, tap, jazz, or hip hop/tumbling routine within our theme of Cinderella. This recital is different from our afternoon production The Glass Slipper, so we invite you to attend both performances!

Estimated Length: 45 - 60 min
Seating Begins at 10:00am


The Glass Slipper Afternoon Production - 3:00pm
(Featuring dancers ages 7+)

The Glass Slipper afternoon production tells our story of Cinderella. With each 7+ dance class telling a different part of the story, as well as main characters, creative stage designs, and beautiful costuming, this is a dance performance you won't want to miss!
*NOTE: This production is family-friendly, but we do ask that you limit distracting noises for the quality of our live recording and event photographer. 

Estimated Length: Approximately 2.5 hours plus one 15-minute intermission
Seating Begins at 2:30pm


The story

The curtains open on a young Cinderella, whose perfect childhood is swiftly shattered when her mother passes away and her father remarries. Cinderella’s mother left her with the exhortation to always have courage and be kind, and Cinderella is put to the test with her Stepmother and two Stepsisters. After Cinderella’s father dies as well, the Stepmother sends the household servants away to save money. Cinderella quickly becomes mistreated as the new servant.

Years later, the Prince is giving a ball! But the Stepmother and Stepsisters cruelly destroy Cinderella’s dress — and her chance to go to the ball. When all hope seems lost, her Fairy Godmother reveals herself and provides Cinderella with encouragement, a magical dress, and glass slippers. She sends Cinderella off to the ball, where the royalty of surrounding nations are being represented, in hopes the Prince will choose one of them for his bride. When Cinderella arrives, she and the Prince dance together and fall in love. But the clock strikes midnight, and Cinderella runs away in fear of the Prince knowing who she is without magic. In her haste, she leaves one shoe behind. As the Prince searches for Cinderella, girls from all over the kingdom come to try on the shoe.

In a moment of courage, Cinderella reveals who she really is to the Prince and tries on the shoe. It’s a perfect fit, and the Prince declares his love. Before the curtains close, Cinderella demonstrates kindness by forgiving her Stepmother. Cinderella can start her “happily ever after” knowing that she lived true to her mother’s desire: to always have courage and be kind.