8-wk summer SESSION: JUne 24-August 17, 2019

We will be closed Thursday, July 4. Thursday classes will have an optional make-up day on August 22.

Not only are we offering special summer-only classes, but there is also NO registration fee for summer classes! PLUS, students enrolled in Summer Session will be eligible for a discount for fall registration!

(Main studio, Suite 107)


3:30-4:25pm - Ballet/Tap (Ages 3-6)
4:30-5:25pm - Hip Hop (Ages 7-12)
5:30-6:25pm - Tap (Ages 7-12)
6:30-7:25pm - Adult Tap (Beg/Int)
7:30-8:25pm - Adult Ballet (Beg/Int)


10:00-10:55am - Ballet/Jazz (Ages 4-6)

3:30-4:25pm - Contemporary (Ages 7-12)
4:30-5:25pm - Intermediate Ballet (Ages 7-10)**
5:30-6:25pm - Pointe Technique 1**
6:30-7:25pm - Ballet Technique/Pointe Technique 2++
7:30-8:25pm - Ballet 1A/1B/Ages 13+ (Beg/Int)


3:30-4:25pm - Scottish Highland (Ages 7-12)
4:30-5:25pm - Hip Hop (Ages 13+)
5:30-6:25pm - Choreographers/Improvisation (Ages 13+)
6:30-7:25pm - Contemporary (Ages 13+)
7:30-8:25pm - Ballet 2/3/4 (Int/Adv Pointe)**


4:30-5:25pm - Ballet/Jazz (Ages 4-6)
5:30-6:25pm - Jazz (Ages 7-12)
6:30-7:25pm - Ballet (Ages 7-12)
7:30-8:25pm - Teen/Adult Lyrical (Beg/Int, Ages 13+)

Friday - Closed


9:00-9:55am - Yoga (Ages 13+)
10:00-10:55am - Ballet/Tap (Ages 3-6)
11:00-11:55am - NO CLASS
12:00-12:55pm - Tap (Ages 13+)

**These classes require teacher recommendation
++Girls not in Pointe 2 may take the same class in regular ballet technique shoes.

REGISTer & pay

Registration is open for our Summer Session! If you are a current member, head over to our AODA Portal to register for your class(es). If you are new to Alpha & Omega Dance Academy, we encourage you to register in person at our studio, so that a staff member can best help you! 

payment Rates, Policies & Discounts for summer

Payment can be paid at time of registration and is due in full NLT June 24. 

**We do not accept any checks or cash for payments.

Summer Tuition

- 1st class: $80
- 2nd class: $40
- Each add'l class: $30
- Unlimited classes: Only $250!

$10 Late Fee
This is applied on the 10th day after June 24 (or day of registration if starting mid-session). Full tuition plus late fee is automatically pulled from your account if payment has not been made on the 15th day after due date.

Family Discounts
1st Family Member: Normal Rates
- 2nd Family Member: 10% Discount
- Add’l Family Member(s): 50% Discount

There is no registration fee for summer classes, PLUS those taking over the summer will be eligible for a discount for fall registration! See Rates & Policies for discount rules.

Dress Code

Click here for the AODA Dress Code.


Summer Class Descriptions:

Adult Ballet (Ages 18+): If you are 18 or older and have always wanted to try ballet, this class is for you! Whether you're brand new or just haven't danced in a while, this is the perfect chance to get introduced (or re-introduced) to the basics of ballet. This class will cover barre exercises, center floor work, stretches, and across-the-floor combinations that focus on musicality, technique, coordination, core strength, and grace. The instructor will provide variations to best benefit you, to help you achieve your maximum growth. AODA’s ballet classes incorporate Cecchetti and French technique.

Adult Tap (Ages 18+): This class is great for adults of all ages, whether you have lots of dance experience or none at all. Tap focuses on natural movement combined with great muscle coordination and memory. The use of taps on the dancer's shoes emphasizes different sounds and rhythms and is lots of fun for people of all ages!

Ballet/Jazz (Ages 4-6) and Ballet/Tap (Ages 3-6): These combination classes are designed for children 3-6 years old. They combine the foundational basics of ballet with jazz or tap by covering basic positions, movements, stretches, and terminology. This class is also fun and interactive for children and includes time for creative expression. Children must be fully potty-trained prior to enrollment. Thank you!

Ballet (Ages 7-12, 1A/1B13+, 2/3/4, Ballet Technique ): Ballet is the foundation of all dance styles and a great class for beginners or the most advanced student. It involves barre, center floor work and combinations that focus on musicality, technique, coordination, core strength, and grace. AODA’s ballet classes incorporate Cecchetti and French technique. 

Choreographers (Ages 13+): This summer-only class is back by popular demand! This class will help the dancer explore the art and science behind choreography by working on inspiration, musicality, and dance notation as well as improvisational and teaching exercises. Each student will work on creating their own choreography throughout the eight week course and have a chance to perform it for the class! This is a great class for any dancer, especially those interested in teaching or choreographing. 

Contemporary (Ages 7-12, 13+): Contemporary fuses ballet, jazz, and modern techniques and movements together for choreography while also drawing inspiration from natural or everyday moments and movements. Dancers will find this style creative, athletic, and expressive.

Jazz (Ages 7-12): Jazz is characterized by the use of improvisation and influenced by rhythms and techniques of jazz music. Students in Jazz will be pushed with this fast-paced, dynamic, and fun choreography.

Lyrical (Ages 13+): This style combines aspects of ballet and contemporary with fluidity and emotion. Students are taught controlled, graceful, and expressive movements. This is a fabulous class for both the advanced dancer and those wanting to get introduced to dance. 

Pointe**: Pointe 2 is combined with Ballet Technique over the summer. This class is a must for the serious dancer who seeks to maintain and continue to grow in their ballet technique and flexibility over the summer. AODA’s ballet classes incorporate Cecchetti and French technique. Dancers will need a Thera-Band or similar resistance band for class exercises. 

Scottish Highland (Ages 7-12): Scottish Highland Dance, which requires the endurance and strength of an athlete and the artistry of a dancer, is the traditional solo dancing of Scotland. In the past, Scottish regiments used Highland Dancing as exercise to keep the troops in shape, and ready for battle. Today, Highland Dancing is one of the premiere events at Highland Games throughout the world in Scotland, England, Northern Ireland, mainland Europe, USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Scottish Highland Dancing is regarded as one of the most sophisticated forms of national dancing in the world!  

Tap (Ages 7-12, 13+): Tap focuses on natural movement combined with great muscle coordination and memory. The use of taps on the dancer's shoes emphasizes different sounds and rhythms and is lots of fun for people of all ages!

Yoga (Co-ed, Ages 13+): This Christian yoga class is taught by a certified yoga instructor. Yoga is a form of fitness combining balance, strength, and flexibility, as well as creating a time to decompress and release mental tension. This will be a multi-level class, offering options for whether you are entirely new to yoga or an experienced yogi! *Please bring a yoga mat to class. It doesn't need to be fancy — a mat from Walmart or Target is fine! 

For Dress Code, click here.