• Class Enrollment: Classes are on a first-come, first-serve basis and are limited in size so that there is a low teacher-student ratio. If you are a current member, we recommend registering early online in order to secure a place in your desired class. If you are a new member with AODA, we recommend coming by the studio to register in person so that a staff member can best help you!

  • Registration/Recital Fee: There is an annual Registration Fee for all students, whether current or new. This is waived for all registrants who enrolled over the summer.

  • Tuition: Tuition is not based on number of classes per month. Tuition is based upon total number of classes in the entire dance year, which is then divided into equal monthly payments. Therefore, a full month's tuition is still due even if starting mid-month.

  • Tuition Due Date: Tuition is due the 1st of each month. To avoid a $10 late fee, payment must be received NLT the 10th. If payment has still not been received by the 10th, we will auto draft your owed amount (including the late fee) from your account.

  • Missed Classes: Missed classes are not refundable; however, they may be made up in a similar age-appropriate class. Just let the teacher know you are there for a make-up class. Missed classes must be made up by the end of the dance session and do not transfer into the next session.

  • Class Cancellation: Out of respect to our teachers and students, we ask you to commit to the whole dance session. We require a 30-day notice of any class cancellations which must be given to the office (not your teacher).

  • Costume Fee Policy: If you set up recurring payments, we will auto draft ALL of your costume fees on November 15, unless you have received approval from us in advance. If you are not set up on recurring payments, you are responsible to pay ALL of your costume fees by November 15. Starting December 1, a $10 late fee will be added to each costume, with a second $10 late fee applied on January 1. After January 31, no costumes will be ordered if payment has not been received by this point.

  • All payments must be up to date in order to receive your recital costume, participate in recital, and enroll in future classes.

Family Discounts

Have multiple family members interested in dance? We've got you covered! Check out these awesome family discounts!

  • 1st Family Member: Normal rates

  • 2nd Family Member: $10 off their monthly tuition

  • Additional Family Member(s): 50% off their monthly tuition (We automatically apply the largest discounts to the student taking the most classes, providing you with the best possible deal!)

Refer a Friend

Refer a friend who has never taken classes before and you will receive $10 off your account! (Discount can only be received after the first month of their tuition payment.) 

Other Fees

  • Late Fee: $10

  • Returned Checked Fee: $25

Extra Icing on the Cake

  • AODA Picture Week: Free to participate; pay only for pictures you choose.

  • Recital DVD: $35. Only $30 when pre-ordering before recital day. Professional video capturing your dancer's stellar performance! Allow 4-8 weeks for production.

  • Recital Tickets: Each family receives 2 complimentary tickets to the recital! Add'l tickets are available for purchase in advance through the studio or day-of at the recital venue.

  • No Recital Fee!




payment methods

We are asking everyone to set up recurring payments through  secure online method. If you prefer to make manual payments, you may do that online as well (please pay by the 1st of each month.) NO CASH. Visit this page to set up your online payment. 

Annual Registration Fee

Early Registration: $15/student due upon registration
Registration: $25/student due upon registration
(Registration fee is waived for those students enrolled in Summer Session 2018).

main studio Tuition for Fall 2018-2019

  • 1 hour weekly: $45/month

  • 1.5 hours weekly: $50/month

  • 2 hours weekly: $65/month

  • 2.5 hours weekly: $70/month

  • 3 hours weekly: $80/month

  • 3.5 hours weekly: $85/month

  • 4 hours weekly: $95/month

  • 4.5 hours weekly: $100/month

  • 5 hours weekly: $110/month

  • 5.5 hours weekly: $115/month

  • Unlimited classes: $120/month

FCS/vca Dance Tuition for Fall 2018-2019

Please note that all required payments for VCA dance classes are made through Village Christian Academy (registration fee, monthly tuition, and costumes). Please see Ms. Sutton at the front office. 

FCS Payments are made through our website. 

  • 1 hour weekly: $60/month

  • 2 hours weekly: $80/month

  • 3 hours weekly: $95/month

  • 4 hours weekly: $110/month

  • Unlimited classes: $120/month

COSTUME FEE (non-refundable)

Due November 15
$10 late fee if received after the 15th; an additional $10 late fee if received after Feb 15.
If you start dance after Nov 15, there may be an additional $10-15 fee for priority processing.

  • $55/Class: Classes for ages 3-6 (Also FCS and VCA K-1st Gd)

  • $60/Class: Classes listed for ages 7-10 or 7-12 (Also FCS and VCA 2nd-5th Gd)

  • $65/Class: All other classes (Levels 1-4, 13+, Teen/Adult, and ALL Pre-Company/Company)

*Please note that Ballet Technique, Pointe 1, and Pointe 2 do not perform in the recital, therefore there are no costume fees.

To pay your Costume Fees, Registration, or Tuition, click here!

Still have a few questions? We understand... Feel free to browse through our website some more or contact us directly.