RATEs, POLICIES, registration deadlines & more

Our rates and policies have now been updated for the Fall 2019-Spring 2020 Dance Year. Be sure to read this page all the way through so you are fully up to date with any changes.


annual Registration deadline & Fee

Our annual Registration Fee applies to every student (current member or new). Summer enrollments are eligible for discounts up to a certain point (see below for required registration deadline). Registration Fee is due at time of registration; once you register, our office will charge your card on file for the registration fee(s).

*Current Members Only*
Exclusive Early Registration for 2019-2020 Open Until June 1!

Only $15 — Waived for summer enrollments!*
As a thank you for being part of our AODA Family, current members can register during this special period to get first dibs on the classes of their choice! *Summer enrollments, the registration fee will still be posted on your account; just opt not to pay it and we will remove the fee from your account as a thank you for enrolling over summer.

Current and New Members

  • Early Bird Discount June 2-30: Only $15 — waived for summer enrollments!*

  • Regular Registration July 1-August 14: $25 — $10 off for summer enrollments!*

  • Late Registration August 15 and on: $35
    Discount for summer enrollments is now closed.

Registration Fee is due at time of registration; once you register, our office will charge your card on file for the registration fee(s).

*Summer enrollments, the registration fee will still be posted on your account; just opt not to pay it and we will either remove the fee from your account or discount it as a thank you for enrolling over summer!

tuition rates & costume fees

main studio Tuition for Fall 2019-2020 per student

We are excited to offer you these great rates that include multi-class discounts! The price shown is your tuition owed for the full month for the number of hours that you dance each week; it is not the price owed each week.

For example, if a student is taking one Ballet/Jazz combo class a week, their fee each month is $50; this covers the weekly class for the full month (regardless of how many weeks/classes are in that month; read our policies below for more info). If a student is taking Ballet/Jazz and also Ballet/Tap, their tuition owed is reflected under “2 hours weekly: $70/month.”

These tuition rates are per student not per family. For multi-student discounts, please read “Family Discounts.”

At A Glance:

First Class (1.0hr): $50/month
Second Class: $20/month
Additional Class(es): $15/month
Unlimited classes: Only $150/month!
*Classes that are 1.25-1.50hrs are billed accordingly.

Tuition Breakdown:

  • 1 hour weekly: $50/month

  • 1.25-1.5 hours weekly: $60/month

  • 2 hours weekly: $70/month

  • 2.25-2.5 hours weekly: $80/month

  • 3 hours weekly: $85/month

  • 3.25-3.5 hours weekly: $95/month

  • 4 hours weekly: $100/month

  • 4.25-4.5 hours weekly: $110/month

  • 5 hours weekly: $115/month

  • 5.25-5.5 hours weekly: $125/month

  • 6 hours weekly: $130/month

  • 6.25-6.5 hours weekly: $140/month

  • 7 hours weekly: $145/month

  • Unlimited classes: Only $150/month!

FCS & vca Dance Tuition for Fall 2019-2020

This year all payments are made through our studio, regardless of which school you attend.

  • 1 hour weekly: $60/month

  • A second class taken at the Main Studio: $20/month (total of $80/month)

  • A third or more class taken at the Main Studio: $15/month (total of $95 or more/month)

  • Unlimited classes taken at FCS/VCA or the Main Studio: $150/month

COSTUME FEE(s) *non-refundable

Due November 15
$10 late fee is applied every month starting December 1. If you start dance after November 15, the late fee may still apply for priority processing. Payments must be made in full for us to order your costume(s); for more info, see our Policies above.

  • $55/Class: Classes for ages 3-6 (Also FCS and VCA K-1st Gd)

  • $60/Class: Classes listed for ages 7-10 or 7-12 (Also FCS and VCA 2nd-5th Gd)

  • $65/Class: All other classes (Levels 1-4, 13+, Teen/Adult, and all Pre-Company/Company)

*Please note that Ballet Technique, Pointe 1, and Pointe 2 do not perform in the recital, therefore there are no costume fees.

Extra Icing on the Cake

  • AODA Picture Week: Free to participate; pay only for pictures you choose.

  • Recital DVD: $35. Only $30 when pre-ordering. Professional video capturing your dancer's stellar performance! Allow 4-8 weeks for production.

  • Recital Tickets: Each family receives 2 complimentary tickets to the recital! Add'l tickets are available for purchase in advance through the studio or day-of at the recital venue.

  • No Recital Fee!

Family Discounts

Have multiple family members interested in dance? We've got you covered! Check out these awesome family discounts!

  • 1st Family Member: Normal rates

  • 2nd Family Member: 10% off their monthly tuition

  • Additional Family Member(s): 50% off their monthly tuition (We automatically apply the largest discounts to the student taking the most classes, providing you with the best possible deal!)

  • These discounts apply to our Main Studio as well as FCS/VCA classes.

Refer a Friend

Refer a friend who has never taken classes before and you will receive $10 off your account! (Discount can only be received after the first month of their tuition payment.)


These policies reflect new changes for the Fall 2019-Spring 2020 Dance Year. Be sure to read this page all the way through so you are fully up to date with any changes.

  • Class Enrollment: Classes are on a first-come, first-serve basis and are limited in size to ensure a quality teacher-student ratio. If you are a current member, we recommend registering early online in order to secure a place in your desired class. Classes fill up so quickly, and we wouldn’t want you to miss your choice of class!
    If you are a new member with AODA, please come by the studio to register in person so that a staff member can best help you!

  • Payment Methods: We are asking everyone to set up recurring payments in the AODA Portal, that way you never have to worry about missing a payment! If you prefer to make manual payments, you may do that through your portal account as well (please fully read the above policies on Tuition and Late Fees). *We currently do not accept AMEX, CASH, CHECK, or MONEY ORDER.

  • Registration/Recital Fee: There is an annual Registration Fee for all students, whether current or new. Those who enroll over summer are eligible for certain discounts! See above for more info on Registration Fees and deadlines. We are happy to announce there is still NO Recital Fee! Registration Fee is due at time of registration; once you register, our office will charge your card on file for the registration fee(s).

  • Tuition Pricing: Tuition is not based on number of classes per month. Tuition is based upon total number of classes divided into equal monthly payments. Therefore, a full month's tuition is still due even if starting mid-month. Our tuition pricing allows for closures due to holidays (see Important Dates) as well as one additional week of closure due to any inclement weather, etc.

  • Tuition Policy/Late Fee: Tuition is due the 1st of each month. To avoid a $10 late fee, payment must be received before the 10th. On the 10th, a late fee is posted to your account. On the 15th, if payment (plus late fee) has still not been received, we will auto draft your owed amount (tuition + late fee). Families set up on recurring payments will have their account balance run in full on the 1st of the month, starting September 2019. If the 1st of the month falls on a holiday or weekend, fees may not clear your bank account until the next 1-2 business days.

  • Missed Classes: Missed classes are not refundable; however, they may be made up in a similar level/age-appropriate class. Just let the teacher know you are there for a make-up class. Missed classes must be made up by the end of the dance session and do not transfer into the next session (missed classes in the Fall/Spring Dance Year do not transfer to Summer Session).

  • Class Cancellation Policy (and fee if applicable): Out of respect to our teachers and students, we ask you to commit to the whole dance session. It makes it hard for teachers to prepare recital choreography and for students to properly learn it, if students decide mid-year or mid-semester to drop out. Therefore, we require 30 days notice of class cancellation or a fee of $35/student may occur. If you do not pay this in a timely manner, this fee will be auto drafted from your account. To avoid the fee, notice must be sent in to the office by emailing info@alphaomegadanceacademy.com, calling, or peaking in person to the receptionist 30 days prior to your desired drop date (speaking to your teacher does not qualify as a cancellation notice). This notice must come from the parent (or student, if 18+) and you may be asked for the reason of your cancellation.

  • Inclement Weather: Our tuition policy allows for up to 1 week of non-refundable class closures related to inclement weather. For these types of closures, make-up classes are not allowed. Any class closures will be communicated via the email you registered with.

  • Costume Fee Policy: If you opted for recurring payments, we will auto draft ALL of your costume fees on November 15. If you would prefer making payments toward your fees in order to pay incrementally by November 15, please speak to the office. If you are not set up on recurring payments, you are responsible to manually pay ALL of your costume fees by November 15. Starting December 1, a $10 Late Fee will be added to each costume, with a second $10 Late Fee applied on January 1. After January 31, no costumes will be ordered if payment has not been received by this point, and therefore neither a costume nor participation in recital is guaranteed.

  • All payments must be up to date in order to receive your recital costume, participate in recital, and enroll in future classes.

To make any of these payments, please access your parent portal.

Still have a few questions? We understand... Feel free to browse through our website some more or contact us directly.