Alpha & Omega Dance Academy’s Free Day Of Dance!

We celebrate dance every day. But this year we make dance FREE just for you!

Make plans to attend Alpha & Omega Dance Academy's Free Day of Dance! We’re bringing our communities together through dance — and it's absolutely FREE!

Whether you have danced before, or have never danced a step in your life, AODA's Free Day of Dance is designed for all dance levels and is your opportunity to sample a variety of our classes.

Open to all ages! You do NOT need to be a current dancer at AODA to participate.**

**Non-AODA dancers must complete a waiver.

Saturday, December 29, 2018
Check-in begins at 8:00am

Alpha & Omega Dance Academy
201 S. McPherson Church Rd, Suite 107
Admission: FREE

See below for Class Schedule & Descriptions, What to Bring, and other FAQs

Schedule & Class descriptions

These 50-minute classes are open level, co-ed, and designed for ages 7-12 or 13-adult.

9am - Yoga Warm-Up/Open Stretch (ages 13-adult) - Sarah Pages, Certified Yoga Instructor
Prepare for your day of dance with a guided yoga warm-up led by one of AODA’s yoga-certified teachers; this will also include time for self-stretching.

10am - Ballet Technique (ages 13-adult) - Johanna Groves
Ballet is the foundation of all dance styles and a great class for beginners or the most advanced dancer. This class will involve barre, center floor work, and combinations that focus on the dancer's technique, coordination, core strength, and grace.

11am - Modern (ages 13-adult) - Ebony Norris
In this class, modern-trained teacher Ebony Norris will share the basics of Lester Horton Technique. This class will involve work in the center as well as across the floor and a short dance combination incorporating the Horton technique they have learned.

12pm - Acro (ages 13-adult) - Guest Teacher
This class will cover basic acrobatics technique including beginning tumbling, conditioning, flexibility, proper form, and strengthening. Specific skills for this open-level class include forward and backward rolls, straddle forward roll, head stand, cartwheels, and bridges.

1pm - Contemporary (ages 7-12) - Leslie Pyo
Contemporary uses techniques that draw from and re-interpret basic principles of several genres like ballet, jazz, and modern. Leslie Pyo offers a choreography-focused workshop that will give young dancers, new and seasoned, room for creativity, individual expression, athleticism, and, of course, fun!

2pm - Broadway Jazz (ages 7-12) - Sarah Pages, AODA Children’s Director
If you like show tunes and sass, this is the class for you! We will use songs from classic musicals as well as from more contemporary movies like La La Land and The Greatest Showman. This class will be taught by AODA Children’s Director Sarah Pages who has experience in jazz as well as musicals such as Peter Pan and West Side Story. Dance/workout attire preferred.

3pm - Jr. Hero Dance Workshop (ages 7-12) - Johanna Groves, Lady Heroes Dance Coach
Experience the joy of being a Jr. Hero dancer for a day! At this workshop you will learn a short dance routine that would be performed at a Cape Fear Heroes football game. All dance levels are welcome! Dance/workout attire preferred.

4pm - Lady Hero Dance Workshop (ages 13-adult) - Johanna Groves, Lady Heroes Dance Coach
Discover what it’s like to be a dancer for the Lady Heroes Dance team! The class will consist of a short warm-up followed by a brief routine that will be taught by Lady Heroes Dance Coach, Johanna Groves. Bring your confidence and your energy. All dance levels welcome. Dance/workout attire preferred.

5pm - Tap (ages 13-adult) - Gabby Davenport
Learn the basic fundamentals of tap technique as well as a brief history lesson of this fun, rhythmic, and quick-paced style. Students should dress comfortable in something they don’t mind sweating in, because teacher Gabby Davenport will work them hard! No jeans please. If you don’t have tap shoes, feel free to come in socks.

**NOW AT 6pm - Street Jazz (ages 13-adult) - Guest Teacher Tim Caldwell
Students will learn a fusion between jazz and hip hop from local teacher and performing artist Tim Caldwell. This class will be a combination of technical jazz movements combined with the hype and excitement of hip hop. You won’t want to miss it! Students should wear loose clothing. If they have dance sneakers or tennis shoes that have not been worn outside, they are also recommended to wear those.

**NOW AT 7pm - Hip Hop (ages 13-adult) - Josh Butler
Coming soon.

8pm - Ballroom (ages 13-adult) - Guest Teacher Adam Terry (from Roland’s Dance Studio)
For this class we will be dancing a fun partner dance called the Hustle. So join us for a quick-paced dance that goes with a large variety of contemporary music! Attire: anything you can move in. Can be danced barefoot, with socks, or with ballet technique or jazz shoes, etc.

what to bring / studio rules

- NO STREET SHOES that have been worn outside may be worn on the dance floor. Be prepared to dance barefoot or in socks, or you can bring any of your appropriate dance shoes (ballet technique, jazz, dance sneakers, tap shoe, footundeez, etc).
- Arrive a few minutes early to check-in and fill out your waiver (n/a to students currently enrolled with AODA).
- Snacks and water will be available for purchase, but you are welcome to bring your own. No food or non-water liquids can be eaten in the dance studio. There is a small lobby where you can leave your food items.
- Dress Code: We respectfully ask for no cleavage, midriff, or booty shorts. See class descriptions for any specific class attire.
- If you are a non-AODA student, be sure to bring your waiver or arrive early to complete one at the studio.


How much does it cost?
Nothing! It’s absolutely FREE!

I’ve never danced before / It’s been a really long time since I’ve danced... Will this be a good fit for me?
We’d love to have you whether you’ve danced all your life or this is your first time! We know it can take some courage to try something new — or get back into something old — but we think you’ll love the friendly, positive, and encouraging atmosphere that AODA has to offer. This isn’t about competing with one another — this free workshop is about having fun and making some new friends in the process!

Is there a limit on how many classes we can take if we are interested in more than one style of dance?
No limit on the number of classes. Just make sure you are taking the class that is for your age.

How many people can come? Can I bring my family and friends? Can I bring my dance team or studio?

The more the merrier! We have a large room, so we can fit lots of people in. If you are bringing a group of 6 or more, let us know ahead of time so we can speed up your check-in process. Simply click the Contact Us link at the footer of this page.

What should I wear?
If you are a dancer, then feel free to bust out your dance attire! If not, please wear athletic/yoga clothing. See specific class descriptions above for any additional requirements, especially regarding shoes. We respectfully ask for no cleavage, midriff, or booty shorts.

I don’t have any dance shoes. Can I still come?
Absolutely! Most classes can be taken either barefoot or in socks; see specific class descriptions above to see what the teacher suggests.

Do I need to have a yoga mat to take the yoga class?
Nope! If you already have a yoga mat, feel free to bring it, but you can definitely take the class without one. The class will be part yoga warm-up and part self-stretching, so you may not even need a mat the whole time.

I’m not a student at AODA. Am I allowed to participate?
Whether you dance at another studio or don’t currently dance, you are welcome to join us! This event is NOT just for AODA students. This dance workshop is designed to bring the community together through dance!