Frequently asked Questions

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What should they wear?
Students taking Ballet/Tap (ages 3-6) or Ballet/Jazz (ages 3-6) classes may wear any colored leotard with ballet pink tights and an optional skirt; girls ages 3-4 need to have the skirt attached to the leotard. They will need both pink leather ballet shoes and black jazz/tap shoes. Boys will wear black ballet shoes instead of pink. For Hip Hop/Tumble (ages 5-6), students may wear sweatpants or stretchy shorts with a fitted shirt. For ages 7+, stricter dress attire is expected; you can view our full dress code here for more details on other styles and ages.

Where can I buy dancewear and shoes?
Through our online store, we are able to provide high quality dancewear and shoes at special discounted rates! These items have been handpicked and are used by many of our staff and dancers. Our online store has suggestions depending on which class students are taking. If you are uncertain of sizes, you can often find shoes for little ones at Target (Target also generally carries leotards, tights, and skirts for low prices), but our online store also has very dependable sizing charts. If you’re looking for a local dance store, try The Dancer, which would also work for larger sizes or girls ages 11+. Be sure to tell them you’re from AODA! For pointe shoes, you must speak with your teacher beforehand.

How should their hair be fixed?
For students ages 3-6, we ask that their hair is pulled back from their face; hair should not be left down. We would prefer no part-ups or pigtails, but buns, ponytails, and braids are all acceptable! For ages 7+ hair must be pulled back in a bun for all ballet classes; other classes have different requests. See our dress code for full hair guidelines.

What do they need to bring?
Students ages 3-6 who are taking Ballet/Tap and/or Ballet/Jazz classes should bring both pairs of shoes to each class, as they will switch styles halfway through the class. PLEASE LABEL all belongings! It’s easy for shoes to go home with the wrong owners.
If students need to bring water, ensure it’s in a non-spillable bottle. We suggest not letting students ages 3-6 bring snacks, as they are not allowed to eat in the dance room and it can cause distraction. If necessary, students 7+ who are in back-to-back classes can eat in the main studio waiting area during their class break (we have water and great snack options for sale!), but please make sure snacks are non-messy and non-greasy, such as granola bars, small crackers, etc.

What time should we arrive?
We recommend coming about 5-7 minutes early, as that allows children enough time to get their dance shoes on and not feel rushed getting into class. Please do not come earlier than 15 minutes, as too many people in the waiting room can cause distraction to an ongoing class.
**PLEASE NOTE: Students who are more than 5-7 minutes early must be attended by a responsible guardian; unless they are in a class, no student can be left unattended without permission of a staff member. If a student is consistently dropped off too early or picked up too late, extra fees may be applied.**

Should I or can I stay at the studio during class?
We do not require parents to stay during the classes — in fact, students ages 3-6 actually do better if their parents are not present, so feel free to drop them off at the start and pick them up at the end (see above for guidelines). Our teachers and assistants will help with changing shoes and any bathroom breaks. Just remember that the classes are 55 minutes long, not a full hour. If you would like to stay one week (or if grandparents are visiting and want to watch), our waiting room is designed with windows so that you can watch the class without distracting the students.

Don’t forget to familiarize yourself with our Sick Guidelines and other policies!