Registration for the dance year Fall 2019-Spring 2020 is now open!

If you are a Current Member, head over to our AODA Member Portal to register for your classes.
If you are a New Member, different registration deadlines and methods apply. Check our Rates & Policies page for these deadlines and then come by the office so that a staff member can help you set up your new account and enroll you into your choice of classes!
For ALL registration deadlines for both Current and New Members, as well as our updated rates and policies for the dance year, please see Rates & Policies under “Info.”

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*: FCS/VCA Classes are TBA and not currently listed
**: Requires teacher recommendation
++: These classes are technique classes and do not perform in recital

studio a (suite 107)


studio b (suite 102)


off-campus Dance at vca

Thursday 3:00-4:00pm - K-2nd Gd Ballet/Jazz

Need to refresh yourself on our Dress Code and Rates/Policies