It's May and you know what that means--only one more month until our Neverland production!

We're getting closer and closer to June 9th, the day when we can finally show everyone what our teachers and dancers have been working so hard on. As a sneak peek, we want to share with you our adaptation of the classic story of Peter Pan and introduce the amazing cast playing the characters! And make sure you check back in a couple weeks for interviews with the cast members to hear their thoughts about playing their characters!

The Story... 

In our version of Peter Pan, we start in England where Wendy Darling lives with her younger sister May (we've combined the original younger brothers John and Michael into one younger sister). Wendy and May receive a visit from Peter Pan, a slightly conceited boy who is looking for his shadow. Peter offers to take Wendy and May to his home in Neverland, a magical place where children never grow up. The three children fly away to the island of Neverland, where many mysteries and adventures await. It is home to not only Tinkerbell and the Lost Boys, but also their usual rivalries: the Indians, led by the fierce Princess Tiger Lily, and the Pirates, commanded by Captain Hook, who seeks vengeance on Peter for feeding his hand to the ticking Crocodile. But there lurks an enemy far greater than any of the others--the luring mermaids and their dangerous lagoon. Too many sailors have been stranded on Marooners' Rock and left to their death. Tiger Lily and Peter Pan must put aside their pride and work together if they ever want to escape the mermaids! Meanwhile, there are other evil plans afoot....Hook plots to poison Peter's medicine and kidnap the Darling children! Hook thinks he's finally won the game, but little does he know that the ingenuity of Peter Pan, faith, and friendship can make all the difference.

So, who will be playing all these wonderful characters?


Lynnae Williams is Peter Pan, the leader of the Lost Boys. Peter Pan can be a little bit selfish and likes everything to go his way, so Peter must learn to work with others and put them first. But Peter Pan is full of faith and courage, and he never shirks from doing the right thing!

Collette LeFavor is Tiger Lily, the Indian Princess. Tiger Lily is a warrior who doesn't always get along with the Lost Boys, who can seem a little immature. Tiger Lily will discover that a little silliness is okay and that she can still trust the Lost Boys to have her back!


Rachel Choi is Captain Hook, the vengeful leader of the Pirates. Hook is a pompous villain who has a great sneer and loves to order his crew around (especially Smee). But beware! Hook's main ambition is to avenge his lost hand by killing Peter Pan, and he'll stop at nothing to accomplish that goal.

Angel Choi is Smee, Captain Hook's faithful assistant. Smee just wants to be like Hook, and he tries his very best to be a good minion by carrying out Hook's evil plans. 


Trinyti Dozier is Wendy Darling, the sweet and caring friend and sister. Wendy loves to mother May and the Lost Boys, but she's also a little afraid to grow up. Wendy's time in Neverland will teach her that she can enjoy childhood now, but that adventures never stop--and growing up is one of the great adventures of life!

Sophia Seklejian is May Darling, Wendy's little sister. May is the youngest of them all and brings her teddy bear everywhere, even to Neverland! But May continues to mature as she fights pirates and follows Wendy's example in Neverland.

Are you excited for Neverland? What do you think of our storyline and cast? Let us know in the comments below!