The idea of having a studio blog has been on our minds for quite a while, but now it’s finally taking shape!

You might be wondering what a studio blog will look like…. Well, we hope that this blog will create further community within our dance family and provide additional dance resources. We will post weekly/bi-weekly, and while the majority of posts will be written by staff member Maria Choi, there will be guest authors for some of our special topics.

Here are some of the topics we look forward to share with our dance community:


1.     Dance Technique

While it may seem strange to be learning about dance technique through a blog, breaking down technique using words (and visual aid!) can be very helpful to work through how to do a movement correctly. These posts will cover dance techniques in various styles, pointe preparation and exercises, tips on how you can move up to the next class level, as well as suggestions for how to practice at home.


2.     Dance Education

Have you ever wondered about how dance first started, or how the different styles have evolved over the years? Have you ever been uncertain about which dance classes you should take or the differences between them? If so, these posts will be perfect for you! We’ll learn about the history of dance and also about AODA’s classes today and what to expect in them.


3.     Dance Performance

Our end-of-the-year recital/production is always an exciting time. We want to be able to share with you how excited we are about it as well! These posts will include both the “behind-the-scenes” regarding our thematic productions, as well as interviews with the amazing dancers playing our main characters. Of course, recital time can also be just a little bit stressful—so we want to help make it as and easy and enjoyable as possible! We will share some of our best tips for recital preparation and help new or young dancers know what to expect.


4.     #AODAFamily

We want to celebrate the strong family community at Alpha & Omega Dance Academy! We know AODA wouldn’t be what it is without our incredible staff, so some of our posts will include teacher spotlights, staff interviews, and staff-contributed blogs. 


Hopefully this has given you a better idea of what the AODA blog will look like and what our posts will be about. We are very excited to kick it off and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do! 

What are your thoughts about the AODA blog? Are there topics missing from this list? What would you like to read and learn more about? Comment below to give us your feedback and suggestions!